Our Miracle drug & lot's of catch up...

We're on the mend over here. Since my last blog everyone else in the family got sick--with a nasty chest cough. Thank goodness Allison didn't catch it this round. I may have got it the worst...and I've still got it. I haven't coughed this much or so hard for a few years! I had to include this picture of Allie though from a few weeks ago. I still can't get over how easy it was to give her treatments. She's so fascinated with cartoons right now because she has figured out so many words & loves to point out all she knows. She is a big girl! Well, I promised to share with you all our miracle drug from my last blog...which WORKS!...so here it is:
Sambucol. You won't find it in a pharmacy. Only in a vitamin/natural/holistic/health foods type store. With two children with asthma, flared by virus induced respiratory infections I was determined to find something to help. Asthma is scary. I'm a nurse & have been trained in drug therapies. I never looked into herbs or holistic type therapies until recently. But, I'm hooked. For a year I've given Sambucol to my kids when I first notice they are coming down with a cold. What it has done for us is it decreases the symptoms & the length of the cold...it "nips" it by boosting their immunity. By doing this it has prevented their colds to get bad enough to trigger a asthma attack. They'll cough and have drainage but NOTHING like before. So, there you have it. Try it & see if it helps. It's safe enough for infants, just divide the dose accordingly. I get the adult strength & divide up the dose for my kids so that it will last longer. It has been a great blessing for us...to be asthma flare free for a year is pretty good!

Now for some catch up! Allie had a blast finding eggs this year at Easter time. Here she is with Tabitha & Lindsey at our ward Easter party.
She is now addicted to "cannee". She seems to find all the kids hiding places for their baskets & runs to find me and say, "mmmmm yummy cannee!". Oh boy! I don't have a picture of it but on Easter Loren, Lindsey & Jake "hid" some hardboiled & plastic eggs in the backyard for Allison. It was so cute to see them so excited to help her hunt. She was in heaven!
Loren had her Hawaiian dance class recital. It's her second class. She LOVES it! Her favorite is the poi balls. She can hold the poi balls with one hand & do the "butterfly". Pretty tricky!
So sweet. My Loren is growing up too fast!
All the girls

Jake just had his 1st ever T-ball game this weekend! He couldn't be happier to be in his new cleats, baseball pants, shirt & hat. Ever since T-ball began two weeks ago with the team mtg & practice he has worn his hat daily. Today at the game he was seen dancing in the outfield! :) His Dad is an asst. coach & out there with him so he is in heaven.

All the sisters watching Jake at the game. Go Jake!!
Besides dancing Jake was focused too & getting those balls & making some big hits. Pretty fun.

Lastly, I did it. I've joined the big 3-0 club. 30 years old!!
Everyone has asked me if I was ready to turn 30 & I say YES! I've been excited to turn 30 if you can believe it! I've got 4 kids! I've earned 30! :) I had a great birthday. I was very spoiled by my sweet friends & family. I had a great surprise from two of my best buddies (thank you Mique & Tara for kidnapping me!!), plenty of GFM (guilt free money) & gift cards to spend (thank you to my awesome family & friends!) & an amazing husband who threw me a party (thank you honey! You're the best!). Thank you everyone for making my birthday so great. Now I just need to get rid of this cough!


Happier Days

Allie had happier days like this a few weeks ago! She's got her phone, birdie toy & a dozen Hawaiian "pritty ecklace" (s) on. :) So cute how she would put them all on & run to find me to say, " Mommy...LOOK! Pitty ecklace!" Of course, Loren & Lindsey are all saying "So pretty!" to her & she was thrilled. Well, I'm ready for those days! Allie hit her 3rd cold in a row (over the past few months)...and for almost a year now we've avoided the major asthma meds (oral steroids) & Dr. visits because we've been able to nip the colds before they got bad enough to really kick in heavy asthma symptoms (more later on what I've found that has SAVED us on early nipping of colds). Both she & Lindsey have asthma & have done so well for about a year. SO! Allie is a trooper. This time the cold was just too nasty. BJ & Jake got it really bad & then Allie got it. I tried everything but the heavy wheezing set in along with major cough attacks & wasn't going away. Nebulizer treatments every four hours (10 min breathing treatments...and done with ease now that she loves to watch Elmo, Little Ponies & Caillou! Yes! Gone are the days of the headlock to get through a treatment!), Flovent (daily inhaled steroid), oral steroid dose for the next few more days, constant coughing, off and on wheezing & runny nose..the kind that get's rubbed all over the face! She has been a sad & tired little lady & therefore...mommy is very tired too! It's still nothing like her MAJOR asthma episode last year where she was almost hospitalized so I am relieved but today...I was so tired! It's all getting better.

So, I have a few pics to share. About a month ago or so Loren was in the school spelling bee for the 3rd grade & got 3rd place. Loren was in it last year as well & got 3rd place. Two years in a row! We are so proud of her. She loves school & it is so nice that she is independent on her homework! :)
This was really cute. Loren & her best buddies at school planned a special outing to see the Spiderwick Chronicles movie...just after Valentines Day. Just Moms & girls. They had all read the Spiderwick series & had been talking about going together as soon as they realized a movie was coming out. We had this same group of friends over for a playdate the other day and they are cute together. Making up plays, singing to songs, tramp games. Loren said it was the best play date she had ever had!
Well, that's about it for now. On the mend over here! Sorry Gpa D. for not posting Lindsey's "He-man" pushups video. Coming soon. :)