11 Years Ago...

Eleven years ago today I was married to this man for Time and all Eternity. I love him. He completes me. He makes me laugh, he's a great husband and father, he makes time for the kids and I, he's hard working, he's faithful, he's honest, he's HOT...I could go on. He's not perfect...but he's mine . He and I share the same dreams. Sometimes we don't agree but I can honestly say that we've had a thousand times more "ups" than "downs". It's easy being married to BJ. We're not doing anything too big today to celebrate, besides getting some lunch together, because life happens! But this weekend we'll get to have a little more alone time.

I was twenty and BJ was twenty-three!

Salt Lake Temple, April 23, 1998.

and here we are...11 years and 4 kids later ! It's been a fun ride!


How many ways can you read a book?

I thought this was hilarious! I seriously walked into the kitchen and found Lindsey in this position reading her book! How can this be comfortable Lindsey?
Loren's buddies on the basketball team.

Loren loved being on a basketball team so much that she is dying to do it again...so we signed her up again ...and this time I'll coach :)

Here is my wrist...all healed up. A nice little slit. About an inch long. It's still a little numb from my thumb to my wrist but the feeling is coming back...thank goodness! We've been great. busy as ever and super excited for spring break. This weekend is Jake's 6th birthday! Just a few random pictures this time but hopefully I'll get back into a blog groove again and post a little more often. Love you all!