Recipe for Chocolate Hau'pia Pie!

Okay ladies...I got some requests for the recipe of the Chocolate Haipia Pie I made for Thanksgiving so here it is! But, before you print this off you must swear to not change or "healthify" the pudding. This is my Grandma V's treasured recipe (chocolate pudding and banana cream pudding--not Hau'pia) and she only gave it to me after I came over to watch it made and promised not to substitute ingredients and call it hers! It's been something I make at the holidays and for BJ's birthday for over 7 years now. It's too yummy to keep to myself but if you're going to make the chocolate or banana cream pudding you must give credit where credit is due... Megan's grandma V. and if you change it in any way, don't call it hers! With that said, remember "Making pie is love" :). Remember that as you stir and stir and stir and stir! Love you all!

1 1/2 cup sugar
2/3 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 cups whole milk
2-4 oz. Unsweetened Baking chocolate (I've found that 2 oz. is perfect, 4 is really rich)
6 slightly beaten egg yolks (prepare this before you start and set aside)
4 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons pure vanilla
1 large baked pastry shell (you can make two 8 or 9 inch pies or one large--which is what my Gma & I do--meaning an 11 inch. pan--I'll often double the recipe and make two 11 inchers plus one 8 or 9 incher). I got my 11 inch pie tins at Sur La Table at Gateway in UT...they are hard to come by but they make the pie.

In saucepan combine sugar, flour and salt. Stir in milk. Add the desired oz. of chocolate. Cook and stir over medium heat until bubbly Cook 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir small amount of hot mixture into egg yolk. Immediately return the yolk mixture and cook 2 minutes. Add vanilla and butter. This is the exact recipe for the Banana Cream pie pudding as well, minus the baking chocolate.

So, onto the Hau'pia pudding

2 cups coconut milk
1 cup whole milk
6 tablespoons sugar
5 tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 tsp vanilla (if desired)

Preparation:Pour one cup of coconut milk into a saucepan. Combine sugar and cornstarch stirring into coconut milk. (Add vanilla as desired) Heat over low stirring consistently until thickened. Add remainder of coconut milk and whole milk and continue to heat until thickened. Pour into 8 inch square pan and chill until firm.

Once you have made your favorite pie crust and it and your two puddings are chilled layer with the chocolate pudding first, then Hau'pia, then heavy whipping cream on top. I add 1/4 cup of sugar or so and 1 tsp. vanilla to the heavy cream and let it whip until stiff. I'm planning to make one for Christmas probably on the 23rd...any takers who want to learn? Good luck and enjoy!!!


Happy Late Thanksgiving

I can't believe it's Dec.1st. It really feels like a few days ago that we were taking a trip to the pumpkin patch, which Allie loved. I am amazed every year at how fast fall comes and goes. Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas and love bringing out the tree, lights and presents but it comes up so quick! It's a busy busy time of year. I'm excited and hope to be all done with all the preparations early this year!

We had a great Thanksgiving up north with BJ's family. I brought the pies, as always. This year I did banana cream, chocolate cream and chocolate haipia cream (if you've been to Oahu...I was attempting the famous Ted's Chocolate Haipia pies!). Haipia is a coconut pudding. I must say... it was a success! Pie for three days was lovely. Every Thanksgiving I think of my gma who taught me how to make pie. BJ arranged for us to have family night at gma's house years back so we could learn how. She would make it for the holidays and then surprise BJ with one for his birthday because she knew he loved them so much! It has to be BJ's absolute favorite dessert. I love to say that making homemade pudding and crusts is pure love. It's a process and can't be rushed, but really rewarding. I'm so grateful that I learned how (so is BJ!). It's something passed down from my sweet grandma. I always think of her as I'm stirring that pudding! I didn't take any pie pictures this year but I have in the past. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if there is anyone local dying to learn how to make pie...I'm going to teach a few how sometime this month!


Gymnastics State Meet

Gymnastics season is officially complete. We had state last weekend in Long Beach and Linds did awesome. She got 7th all around competing against 8 years olds with an all around score of 36.975, which is so great. She got 9.35 on bars, 9.35 on beam, 9.25 on floor and 9.050 on vault. Tough, tough competition. To give an idea, there were 695 gymnasts that competed that weekend, levels 4, 5, and 6, aging 6-14 or so. Lindsey ranked 66th of the 695 in total all around scoring. It was exciting and fun.

Jake happened to have the onset of a fever and sore throat at the meet...which later was diagnosed a few days ago as strep! Poor guy. We have been hit hard with sickness at our house the past few weeks. Jake got the flu first a few weeks ago, then I caught a horrible cold, worse cold I've had for atleast a few years, then BJ and Loren caught a variation of my cold. Lindsey has had a nasty cough too...then Jake got strep. I've been watching Allie ...just waiting for what's next. She's still in the clear...but there has not been much sleep going on over here! Happily, Jake got back to school as of today and is ready to be there! We're hoping to have a healthy Thanksgiving! Hope you all are healthy and have a great week!

Here are videos of Linds at state so Gmas and Gpas can see!


Fall Break in Hawaii!

We were able to go to Hawaii over Fall Break to be with all of my family. My parents live there on Oahu and flew the entire family out. We are so spoiled! They may or may not sell their home in the near future so they wanted to be sure we were all out there together at least one more time. What a wonderful trip it was. I think Loren's highlight was finding some beautiful shells along the beaches and has had fun showing them to her class at school and her friends.
We got to go to Sea life Park with the cousins. This was the first time our kids had seen dolphins up close. They loved the cute seal, penguin and dolphin shows.

Here are all the kids in my parents hot tub off the back of their house. Gorgeous.

Allie and cousin Aiden petting the turtle at Sea Life Park.

This was a blast. We all rented a Paddle Surf board and all took turns paddling out on the ocean. Lindsey, of course was the most daring. :)

Jakes favorite...Turtle Beach. This time we saw lot's of smaller turtles in the water by the rocks and then huge ones that came out onto the beach.

Loren with our beached turtle. Lindsey was actually swimming around when she felt something swim between her legs and it was a turtle! Scared her half to death but became a great story!

You can't see us very well and Loren is missing from this picture but this is out on the Pali lookout (I think that's how it's spelled) where the winds are so strong you literally feel like you could fly away. It's amazing!

Shaved ice, yeah!

Ahhh... me and my sweetie.

My favorite part of this trip was just being able to see my kids interacting and playing with gma and gpa, their aunts and uncles and their cousins. So nice to just be together!

We also got to finally meet our newest cousin, Liam. He was the happiest, mellow baby ever! So adorable...and all my kids loved making him smile.

I loved watching Allie at the beach. She got the courage to go down to the shore and gather water to bring back to her "creations". She loved it and I'm sure went back and forth a hundred times each time we went to the beach. She and cousin Aiden loved this game!

Here is the entire Doxey family, with one on the way... so close Nat! We're standing in front of my parents home in Laie. What a blast. The kids were fabulous on the plane too! It was such a great trip. I loved being with everyone and can't wait to play again. Aloha!


Gymnastics Season begins!

Lindsey's gymnastics competitive season has begun. She competed 2 weeks ago in the "Judges Cup" and this past weekend in the "1st Prelim" (a Sectionals qualifying meet). She is doing awesome. I've got to brag for a little bit. On the first meet we were blown away. All of her scores were above 9. She got 2nd place all around with a score of 36.95 (4th on floor and bars, 2nd on beam, 3rd on vault). Her team ended up getting 1st place (they take the top 6 scores from each club) and because Lindsey had the highest score from her team she got to take home the plaque. Well, this past weekend Lindsey got 1st place all around. She got 1st place on beam, vault, floor and 3rd place on bars. Her all around score was 37.35! The highest our gym has had. Pretty cool. She's rockin. This season she confident, polished and just having a lot of fun out there! She got to take home the team trophy (which was almost as tall as her). The team got 2nd place by .5 of a point. I guess Lindsey wasn't satisfied with her gold in competition so yesterday she successfully did a hand stand in the family room, walked on her hands to the steps, walked up the steps on her hands, turned around and walked back down the family room steps into the family room. Seriously Linds?! Well, that's all on the gymnastics front. Here are a few videos of her in action...it's hard to get a good one from the stands! Next up, we had a great piano recital yesterday! All the kids played. Jake was said to have flying fingers and jaws dropped on Loren's performance. I even learned a new song to play ... been a while. :)

Videos: Beam, from Judges Cup, 2nd place. Floor, from 1st Prelim, 1st place.

Bars, from 1st prelim, 3rd place.


Want a Free Give-Away?

Hey everyone. I wanted to let you know that my sister in law, Brooke, is sponsoring a free give away at our website: http://www.forsalebymormon.com/. It's a free Limited Edition 11 x 14 print that she designed. It's free to enter...and it's so cute! I had to pass it along. Give away ends 9/23.


Sad news and miracles

Last Thursday I went to my ultrasound and found out that I would be having a miscarriage. They couldn't find a heartbeat and the baby was measuring 8 weeks instead of 11. It was a hard day. A lot has happened the past few weeks. BJ was laid off from work only a week and 1/2 before. Our kitchen has been in remodel mode for weeks with all the contents of our cabinets and drawers on the floor and tables...waiting day after day only to have another no-show to finish the staining! It was a lot...and I cried ... and cried.
I've learned a lot throughout these past few weeks. We all have trials, no one is exempt, no matter if you're trying your hardest to do the right things. It just happens and it's how you get through the trials that determines how you learn. If it strengthens you or not.
I have to share what has happened since this time. Going back to the day we found out about the baby. At the Dr.'s office, right after we heard the news BJ's phone rang, he didn't take the call then but when we got home he called back to hear that he was being scheduled for an interview the following morning. He was offered the job that afternoon. It's a 6 month contract with not too far of a commute. The salary is close to what he made before and we feel very blessed. He'll start around Labor Day if not a little sooner. So, with such sad news one day, the next day such wonderful news.
Because I was out of the danger zone (no longer pregnant) BJ and I just finished staining the kitchen and all weekend I cleaned out cabinets and organized. It's all back together and it looks fabulous. It's amazing how therapeutic it was to put away and organize and clean. It was hard living without the kitchen! I posted some pictures showing what we've done so far. We are very close. We ran out of stain for one last section in the back and want to put on knobs and hopefully will be all done this week.
So, yesterday I actually had the D&C and have had an easy recovery. What I had was a "missed miscarriage". My body didn't realize that the baby had died and so was continuing on as if I were pregnant. So I had three options... wait for my body to spontaneously miscarry (which sometimes wouldn't happen for weeks to months--they only would have allowed another month to continue), medication to cause severe cramping and bleeding to bring about the miscarriage or the D&C (Dilation and Curettage, an outpatient surgery). I opted for the D&C. I didn't want to just wait around and wonder when the miscarriage would happen. The medication would be extremely painful and the chance of having to do a D&C anyways if something was left behind is always a possibility. I was nervous but also at peace with the decision. The surgery was quick and today I already feel almost back to normal. Not much pain at all.

These past two weeks have been one of the hardest times of my life but also such a blessing. I knew BJ would find a job, but just didn't know the timing. I knew the miscarriage was natures way, God's way, of saying, let's try that again, things just weren't quite right, but it was still very hard. I know even more now, without a doubt, that Heavenly Father loves me, loves my family and loves all of us. He knows of our trials. He wants to bless us. He sent His love through many angels, my friends and family. From the beginning I felt such support, love and friendship. I have had many calls, beautiful flowers, yummy treats, hugs, talks and notes. I had two of my sweet friends show up and kick BJ and I out the door on a date while they watched the kids and cleaned my house. I had dinner brought in to us yesterday from sweet friends in my ward. On Sunday a friend who does my hair came up to me with a hug and said that she wanted to do my hair for me free of charge. Seriously! I have felt such an outpouring of love. I am overwhelmed and emotional just thinking back to these past few days and all that has happened and all of the people who have cared and checked in on me and served me and my family. I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me to have these sweet people in my life.
I am feeling pretty good, my emotions are still kind of close to the surface, but I'm good. I feel blessed to have 4 healthy, great kids that I have to squeeze and love and a sweet husband who works so hard, is so postive and takes care of me. We'll try it again in a few months for that number 5 to join our family. In the mean time I want to focus on being healthy and enjoy my husband still being home for a little while longer (what a blessing that has been to have him home to be with me during this miscarriage and caring for me after the procedure). And...I'm going to enjoy this kitchen...here are the pictures. I love you all. Miracles do happen...even in the hardest times. I truly believe we are here to help eachother through life, we can be bring the little miracles to others through our love and service. That is what has happened to us.

Kitchen before ( our sample granite slab is sitting on the counter)

Another view

The new kitchen...granite, stained cabinets dark, new sink, faucet. I want to find a fun rug...

Another view. New range hood, wider bar. I love it...it's almost done. A lot of work but worth it.

I love how my older black oven just melts into the cabinets and how I can't see the crumbs!


I've got news...

Look to the left everyone. Yes, we're having another baby! Baby #5, due March 12th (not that that means very much, I've been consistently 2 or 3 weeks early!). I'm very excited. I'm also nervous ... and a little sick! The sickness hasn't fully kicked in, I'm only 9 weeks along, so I know what's coming. :) I'm not very good at keeping in this kind of news, or any kind of good news!! It's interesting what happens when you're expecting your 5th instead of your 1st or 2nd. You know exactly what you're getting into! You know how your body will react to pregnancy, you know how sick you get, you know that hundreds of sleepless nights are in the near future. But, you also know the joy that comes. I love sharing the news.
It was a little harder making this decision this time around. Life is pretty busy right now with 4 kids under 10. I have many of those days where I'm completely overwhelmed or exhausted, and wonder how I can do more. But, I've felt for a long time that we weren't done. There is another child waiting to come to our family. I really hope that I can do it. I really hope that I can have that endurance and patience to give that love, attention and nurturing to another child. I come from a big family and so does BJ. Being part of a big family, a huge extended family and marrying into a large family has truly blessed my life and it is blessing the lives of my children as they have more people with that special family bond that truly love and support them. I love big families. I am also blessed to have a husband who truly helps me and ENJOYS being a father. He also knows when I've had it and I need a night out! :)
Well, I'm grateful that I have been blessed with children. I'm grateful that my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with another of His children and I'm going to try my best. I know I'll have rough days but it will all be worth it. Allie has been so fun and so easy going (probably a good reason why I could consider having another!) It's been so cute to see how my older kids take care of her and their giggles at all the cute, funny things she'll do or say. I'll have little helpers. Allie is going to LOVE being a big sister. She won't care if it's a girl or boy, as long as it's a baby. But Jake...he sure wants a brother! We'll see!


Summer Catch Up

What can I say? I try to do it all but with 4 kids and all we have had going on something had to take the back burner...and it seems to always be the blog. So, this fine Sunday, I've FINALLY downloaded pictures to the computer and hid away upstairs...later to find Lindsey had used her creative juices to make us all a treat. Can you guess the surprises? Sprinkes, cinnamon, yogurt, cheerios, choc chips, choc syrup... mmmmm

To back way up to end of May...it has been so long! T-ball for Jake this year was fun for one reason...Travis was on his team. He loves to play but this being his 2nd year of T-ball he was feeling too old. He's ready for the real thing. He's actually just really ready to be on a real basketball team!

Beginning of May we drove out to N. Cali to be at cousin Adam's baptism. We love hanging with our cousins...always quick trips up there but worth it.

I can hardly believe that Allie is 3! May 13th was her big day. She had been talking about her upcoming bday for days and weeks as she saw me, BJ, and then Jake all have bdays with cake and presents. She figured out prety quick what birthdays were all about. She was ready & super excited! She had it all figured out. She wanted pink "pupcakes" with pink frosting and pink icecream. She wanted new dresses so that she could twirl like a princess. She really has brought joy and lot's of giggles to our family. She gives the best snuggles and nose kisses and her giggle is contagious. We love our little Allie.

Lindsey turned 8 yrs old on May 22nd. A birthday she's been looking forward to forever!

Linds is a sweetheart. She's a little mommy. She loves playing and taking care of little babies and toddlers. She can appear timid, but is very confident & strong. She is not afraid to perform & has fun doing it! She created a gymnastics routine to perform in front of the entire school. Showing off "the worm", back hand springs, splits and all. No nerves. She's pretty excited about gymnastics season starting next month.

Linds & best buddies bowling for her bday.

Okay...I was really spoiled! I got to go end of May to Hawaii to be with my Mom and sisters. My Dad was off to UT helping my brother, my Mom needed to stay behind to work... so we planned a girls trip. My sisters, Natalie & Jessica were out for 10 days & I got 4 days. I had a free ticket (all skymiles) and a free place to stay. How could I not do it?! It was beautiful, amazing, relaxing, wonderful... I loved it. I think I still owe BJ more foot & back rubs for all he did while I went away. I have a good man, and some amazing girl friends who helped a ton. Thank you!!! Can you believe this is my parents back patio view? They actually rent out the home to vacationers if any of you are looking for a get away to Hawaii --you'll have to check it out at http://www.forsalebymormon.com/HawaiiOceanVillaRental

Me & my sweet, beautiful sisters, Jess & Nat. Love you guys!

Natalie & her little Ellie. I was so ready for Ellie to get to know her far away Aunt! She called me "Mega". So cute!
Me & my Mom. My Mom spoiled us the whole trip! Thanks for everything Mom, what a wonderful memory that was to be there together. Love you so much!

Another view off the back of the house. Seriously!

Jess & I....chillin. So fun!

So I got back just in time for the last week of school! Here is Jake & Allie right after Jake's kindergarten program.

School is out and guess who flew in for Lindsey's baptism weekend! Gpa and Gma D. in THIS PLANE! I still can't hardly believe that my Dad flies this plane...that he built...when I was in elementary school. It's pretty amazing.

June 13th, family joined us for Lindsey's special day. Here is BJ's sis, Aunt Shannon with Allison.

Lindsey & Dad just before her baptism.

All the family that came to support Linds. BJ's parents, his sisters Shannon & Shelley, along with cousin Ally and my parents. We were really blessed to have so many members of our family there along with several ward friends. Lindsey really had a true desire to be baptized and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She already has a sweet, sincere testimony of the gospel. We are so proud of her & the blessing & joy she is to our family.

So right after baptism weekend we all drove out to UT for a few weeks. My Mom opted to drive with me instead of fly back with Dad! We had so much fun with our family there. A major highlight was to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house--along with going to Tucanos afterward for dinner! Here are the kids with cousin Aiden. Oh Jake.... :)

We got to be there for our family reunion/surprise bday party for my Dad's 60th. That is 60 candles! I had been working on a book for my Dad...for hours and days...another reason why blogging didn't happen! It was really rewarding. I scanned all of these old photos of my Dad in his younger years & of him with all of us over the years & asked his siblings, my cousins, my siblings their spouses to write memories/thoughts of him to include in the book. He loved it. We gave it to him at the reunion...just too bad that it was rainy, windy & FREEZING at the reunion! In JUNE! Still wonderful to see everyone.

I only got a few shots there...here are a few of my cousins, Matt & Luke, asking me whose legs looked better, and tanner! Love my family :)

Only a few cousins & Aunts...by the end of the quick reunion and everyone was almost gone the sun started to come out! Until next time... loved being with everyone.

My Dad, later caught reading the book I made with his magnifying glass! Sorry Dad, some of those fonts were pretty tiny to be able to fit it all in. I cried several times as I compiled the memories and thoughts from my family regarding my Dad. It only reinforced to me that I am not alone in knowing that he has blessed lives through his service & love & is truly amazing. Love you Dad. Happy 60th!

Look out, long boards are now on my kids Christmas list. Thanks to my brothers, my kids had constant entertainment as we were up the canyon celebrating my brother in laws bday. They picked it up fast!

Nice posing Loren!

Ah, Jake is very happy.

Lindsey, focused & learning the ropes fast.

Cute Allie, easy to catch in a pose! I do miss those canyons...

I absolutely loved seeing my kids get to know their little cousins. Lindsey was glued to cousin Ellie & Ellie just loved her back! So sweet. We were able to really spend time with all my siblings & their families this trip, along with lot's of gma and gpa time. It was wonderful.

The kids were great sports, sleeping together & lot's of driving. Lot's of fun memories as always. The kids are better swimmers thanks to lot's of pool time wherever we visited. We were there for 2 weeks with BJ coming out for the reunion weekend in the middle. It was nice to get back to Dad & to our own beds though!

And now we've been back ...beaching it for 4th of July weekend.

Loren turned 10! Early morning present opening. She wanted Scooters Jungle for her birthday party. It was the first summer in years we were home for her birthday. Our little firecracker. Okay, not so little anymore. Can't believe she'll be in 5th grade this year. Loren is really exceling on the piano. She is playing Fur Elise, and beautifully! She's playing basketball right now, and I'm the coach. It's been fun, and busy. Two games and one practice a week during summer ball. Loren is very mature, sweet, organized & a great helper & example to her siblings. We love you Loren!
See, we have been pretty busy! I am so sorry this is huge entry! I'll be better, I PROMISE!