Gymnastics State Meet

Gymnastics season is officially complete. We had state last weekend in Long Beach and Linds did awesome. She got 7th all around competing against 8 years olds with an all around score of 36.975, which is so great. She got 9.35 on bars, 9.35 on beam, 9.25 on floor and 9.050 on vault. Tough, tough competition. To give an idea, there were 695 gymnasts that competed that weekend, levels 4, 5, and 6, aging 6-14 or so. Lindsey ranked 66th of the 695 in total all around scoring. It was exciting and fun.

Jake happened to have the onset of a fever and sore throat at the meet...which later was diagnosed a few days ago as strep! Poor guy. We have been hit hard with sickness at our house the past few weeks. Jake got the flu first a few weeks ago, then I caught a horrible cold, worse cold I've had for atleast a few years, then BJ and Loren caught a variation of my cold. Lindsey has had a nasty cough too...then Jake got strep. I've been watching Allie ...just waiting for what's next. She's still in the clear...but there has not been much sleep going on over here! Happily, Jake got back to school as of today and is ready to be there! We're hoping to have a healthy Thanksgiving! Hope you all are healthy and have a great week!

Here are videos of Linds at state so Gmas and Gpas can see!