Free Give Away Fun

Hey everyone! BJ and I have started a blog for the website we've put together: ForSaleByMormon.com (a place for LDS business owners, bloggers and members with classified items to have a place to advertise, purchase and communicate with one another). The blog is dedicated to announcing favorites, what's new and free give aways. We've had some really amazing give aways so far and there is one going on now from this adorable shop called "Mary Poppins Presents". The owner sells such unique, fun and adorable handmade items. I wanted to let you all know in case you want to enter to win. Super easy to enter, just go to the blog and post a comment (see blog for details). There is a give away almost every week from businesses that want to get a little more advertising. The next one is from Shabby Apple (SUPER CUTE dresses). Anyways, I wanted to invite you to come over to the blog and to subscribe by e-mail or "follow" to get the automatic posts on free give aways!! The Mary Poppins Presents give away ends tomorrow.
Love ya!


The secret is out....pregnant!

Hey everyone! Just after the new year I discovered I was pregnant and as hard as it was didn't announce it to everyone because of my recent miscarriage last August. But, I've just begun my 2nd trimester (14 weeks) and feeling a little less anxious. So! We are excited to try again for number 5. I'm still a little anxious. I just can't help it because of having my first miscarriage last time around. But, I've had an ultrasound 4 weeks ago and listened to the heartbeat this past week and everything is going great. My due date is Sept. 5th, but that doesn't mean much since I've always been 2-3 weeks early. We'll see what happens. I've been really trying to take it easy...well, most of the time!

I've been a little sick, mostly gaggy and exhausted. I am lucky to not be like those women that can't keep anything down for weeks. My worst symptom really this pregnancy has been my enhanced sense of smell and wanting a nap when I couldn't get one! Not too bad. :) I'm already showing, to me at least Not everyone can tell yet but I'm sure in a week or two it will be obvious. Gone are the days (when I was pregnant with the 1st or 2nd) and I could get away with not showing until after 20 weeks! Oh well. :)

My kids finally have the go ahead to tell their friends and teachers at school this week. They have been dying!! Jake is still rooting for a boy and Loren for a girl (because she thinks that will mean she'll get to take over the office for her bedroom). Lindsey calls it "Loren's evil plan". Lindsey say's if it's a girl we can just get another bunk bed! Allie say's, she just wants to be a big sister and doesn't care. We'll see. In 6 weeks we'll find out what we're having. Pretty fun.

We've had some fun and busy weeks. Lot's of basketball with Loren and Jake the past several weekends. BJ has coached Loren's team again and they've had fun. Jake's bball shot is "money" and he's loving being old enough to play in real games. Lindsey is having fun learning new tricks at gymnastics. Right now she's working on a back handspring on the beam (ah!). Allie is loving preschool and playdates with her friends. She can write her name and is learning how to read...little by little. She is still mommy's little cuddle buddy. I love that. She is so sweet and imaginative.

We got to go up to N. California to see our brother in law get baptized (Such a neat experience...not many dry eyes) and Aunt Brookie's 1st baby shower a few weekends back (yay, another cousin!). It was fun to tell our baby news because now there will be a set of cousin buddies born in the same school year! It was such a great weekend, a whirlwind as always, but so worth it. Gotta download my new pics to the computer...

Hope you all are doing great. Love ya.