Happy New Year!

First of all, Happy New Year! I'm excited for what 2010 holds for our family. We had some really hard times and some really great times in 2009, all experiences that helped us to learn and grow. Last year made me realize even more how thankful I am for the family and friends that we have in our life. We truly feel blessed. 2010 is well under way but I wanted to share a few pictures of what we've been up to the past few months. First off, Christmas was relaxing and magical...the best ever, the kids said. Well, Santa brought some pretty great things to our house. He must have really found some amazing deals. Yes, he did! Allison got her own little tricycle...no longer will she need to ride around the hand me down spiderman scooter. She was obviously thrilled, especially because it was pink.

The favorite gift was the wii. We finally have joined the ranks of family wii 0wners. Screaming deal to say the least..thank you Craigslist. It's been a hit for the whole family. Ours came with some downloaded games, so good old super mario bros (which I dominated as a kid) has become Lindsey's new favorite game). Loren and Jake love Mariokart.

Ahhh...Loren's favorite gift...new boots/slippers. She loves planning out her outfits and accessorizing. Always a willing shopping partner!

When Jake opened up this skateboard he ran, I mean RAN over to me and gave me the biggest hug and thank you. He...was...so....excited! That pretty much made my Christmas morning.

So, when we had asked the kids what they would rather ask from Santa, a wii or a new tramp (since ours had broken about 5 months earlier). Unanimously the kids said, "Wii!!!!" Mom and Dad really wanted another tramp so the backyard would get used again. Well, I think Santa hit some major deals because we were spoiled to get the tramp too. It was a beautiful, sunny, short sleeve weather Christmas in southern California. BJ and I spent a few hours of it that morning putting together the tramp!

Lot's of fun jumping, playing and being together... a great Christmas. The next morning we drove to UT and froze!

This was the main reason for the trip. BJ gave me a great Christmas present, a trip to UT to see Natalie's new baby Adelyn (Addie for short) and be there for the blessing. We got there the night before the blessing. Here are my sisters and I and beautiful, sweet Addie.

We got to stay in the beautiful condo of my brother Aaron and sister in law Amy and were minutes away from Temple square and all the Christmas lights. Wow, it was freezing and my kids were in heaven. Every little peice of ice was kicked...every patch of snow was investigated and stomped in or tasted. This was probably the first time Jake had ever played in snow. We were bundled and enjoyed all the sights of temple square.

Almost 12 years ago we were married here. It sure has gone by fast.

The fam.

Of course we went sledding! Our pals the Ostlers took as out to a favorite spot and the kids had a blast.

Do you see this? Yes, backwards. Jake tried everything. Daredevil! He was all over that hill, trying every position he could and having a blast.

Hey Hollywood!

We got to stay with my other brother Connor and his wife Amara and cousin Aiden and Liam. I think Aiden wanted us to stay there forever! He loved having his cousins to play around with!
I don't have any pictures of it but we had a fabulous new years with family and friends. Only wish we could have been able to connect with all our family and friends. It was a wonderful trip!

Once back to Cali within another couple of weeks me, Linds and Allie drove to Vegas for the final gymnastics meet of the season...a total fun meet. It was a multi-state meet with all levels of gymnastics there. Our level 4 team got 1st place and Lindsey got to take the trophy home for the weekend. She got 1st place all around. Pretty fun. A great end to a fun season. We got to stay with my cousin Steve and his wife Marnie and family. They were the best! Besides living minutes from a Cafe Rio..ahhhh.... we got to catch up and hang out. They only lived about 10 minutes from the hotel where the meet was and Steve and one of his sons came to watch Linds. We have a great family.

Here is Linds and her coaches, Ola and Jeff.

As soon as the meet was over we hopped back in the car and made it home in 4 1/2 hours. Whirlwind trip! We've been getting back into routine here, lot's of homework, speeches and activities. Jake and Loren started basketball again. BJ is Loren's team coach. Life is busy and fun. This weekend we had BJ's mom in town. She knows just when we're needing a little visit... and help. Lindsey had probably her first real asthma issue in 2 years this weekend, and Jake came down with a fever and body ache, I caught a cold and Allison seems on the edge of something too. When sickness happens, it really happens! I don't have a picture from this weekend...but thank you Mom2 for all you do for us. Love you! New Years resolution: blog more frequently :) Hope you all are doing wonderful.