May Memories

May has been a busy month full of sweet & FUN memories. Here is Jake & I at his preschool "Mothers Day Tea". He is such a sweet boy. So thrilled to show me the gifts that he made.
Lindsey got an Academics award at school. Allison just loved getting to visit "Dee Dee" at school. We're so proud of Lindsey!

Lindsey turned 7 on May 22nd! We had a "mock" sleepover. It is the way to go! All the fun of a sleepover but none of the drama. The tramp of course was the biggest hit. We had all the girls come in their PJ's, had pizza, decorated cupcakes, watched a movie with popcorn, painted nails & did a little craft. All the girls left by 9pm. A definite success & super fun.
Lindsey's cake... the colors of the girls new bedroom makeover...more pictures later! Almost finished with it.

Nice Loren! All of the girls had a little fun with the icing. Loren was my special "helper" for the night. She wanted "in" on the gift bags :)

Quincey, Aubrey & Eden. Super silly & best buddies of Lindsey!

a close up

Allison turned 2 on May 13th. I can't believe it. This was her favorite gift. She can almost count to 20 & loves to point out all the colors & objects she knows. She is such a cutie & has 3 tutors daily teaching her new things to say & do.

Loved those cupcakes!

Jakes's preschool graduation. Here are his two best buddies, Riley & Reece. I can't believe Jake goes to Kindergarten this fall!

Jake with his two preschool teachers, Miss Rose & Miss Glena. They were amazing!

One of my favorite pictures.--just took it today in the backyard. Lindsey still absolutely LOVES to be with Allie every chance she get's & Allie loves her SO much! So sweet together.
Jake had is final T-ball game of the season. Jake has had a busy month! Here is Jake with Coach Mick (our really close friend) getting his first ever trophy. BJ was the assistant coach this year.
The Dodgers.

Up to bat. He can hit that ball every time! Maybe next year he'll keep the helmet on as he rounds the bases. So funny. He'll hit the ball, start running, realize he doesn't want the helmet on, stop half way to 1st base, throw the helmet back to home plate then continue running.

Way to go Jake!
Hope you all are wonderful & winding down a little like we are. School is out in 2 more weeks. Yay! Have a great week!