Fun weekend

Here is Lindsey on the beam. Lindsey's gymnastics season has begun & last weekend was her first ever meet. She did great. Tough competition. She was a little sad that she didn't get a medal. It's a hard lesson to learn that you aren't getting a medal even though you did a good job---especially at 7 yrs old. Her best score was on vault. She got an 8.8 and the sixth place, which got a medal got 8.875. Pretty close! We'll see how this weekend goes. For the next few months, almost all the weekends will be spent in meets.
BJ's Mom came down for the weekend & after the meet we found a beautiful beach in Oxnard. Why is the beach SO relaxing & always just fun!? We love the beach.
BJ & Allison--testing the waters.
My little sidekick! I'm never in the pictures much (I'm always behind the camera). Thanks to my mother in law for having the camera!
Our own little "slimming pool" in Allie's words.
Beach= Happy kids
We have been so busy with all the school work, house work, activities, etc. Something about the beach breeze & waves that rejuvenates---ahhhh!