What have we been up to?

We've had a fun & busy past few weeks. Jake is loving coach pitch baseball. His team is the Giants this year. When I asked him what he wanted his number to be on his shirt he said, "What's Gpa D.'s favorite number?". We called my Dad & he said, "63. That's of course the year of my corvette!" (his baby--he's had it since college--sold is once then bought it back!). That's all it took. Jake wanted a big "63" on his back in honor of gpa. Pretty cute. He's the only lefty on his team. Everyone was confused at first because he kept batting right, then left, then right again! BJ's having fun with this. :)
Home run Jake!

Allison is loving her "Princess Ballet" class. She of all of my girls loves to dance SO much. We caved, or rather, I signed her up and BJ had to give in! She is so focused and tries so hard to do all the moves. Her favorite part is putting on ballet shoes & leaping.

But the most exciting event that we just celebrated is Allie's 4th birthday! She has been counting down the days! We always have the tradition of opening presents on the morning of their birthday and so at 6:45am she came running down the hall saying, "Mommy, it's my birthday. Can I open my presents?" No reminding this year. She is fully aware! Anything with little ponies, horses, barbies & pink were her favorites!

New tu-tu immediately tried out.

Gma H sent this new black, white & hot pink polka-dot dress which Allie twirled & twirled in (gma knows she loves to twirl). Here she is with her favorite toys of the morning all organized & ready to play pretend.

After the other kids got off to school, in a big rush, we had a little party with her best buddies. Decorating pink cupcakes & painting wooden wands were the highlight...

and of course getting in dress ups & jumping on the tramp! So easy to please!

K Gma, this pic is for you. Miss Hollywood was ready to go out on the town today!

That night we had a 2nd round of cupcakes with our family along with one of Allie's favorite dinners, hot dogs (we already had Orange Chicken this week)!
I can't believe how fast 4 years has gone by. Allie is such a joy. She brightens up our day & makes us all giggle. She is such a little sweetheart, so easy going & full of imagination & love of life & everyone around her. Her favorite things to do are storytime, playing pretend with petshops, ponies & barbies, twirling, jumping & big hugs & kisses ( especially steeling kisses from her Dad). We are so grateful to have her. She is so excited to be a big sister & almost everyday asks me when the baby is going to pop out so she can play with him. We love you Allison!