Lindsey's gymnastics "Mini Meet" & other FUN pics!

We have had some fun events recently! It has been busy but so fun. I know my posts are always a long time coming but...oh well! Forgive me all you daily bloggers! :) First off, Allison is CRACKING ME UP!!! I finally got this on camera. She loves to get in BJ's closet & peek around to the mirror smiling and say "Hello" then giggle & do it over and over again!

Such a cutie! Look at that long pony tail? :)

She discovered some silly things to do with herself & the mirror. Do you like the children's floss green things sticking out of her mouth? She thought she was so funny!

Mirrors are so fascinating!! She just giggled & giggled after finding her tongue!

Here is Lindsey & I at her 1st grade's annual "Grandparent Tea" day. It really is a cute day that the children plan for the special grandparents in their life (& also fun for the parents!). They sang songs & presented all the projects they had worked on in preparation for this special day. Lindsey's grandparents live pretty far away so they couldn't make it but she received letters from them telling stories of when they were her age. Priceless! I'm so impressed with our elementary school & the effort they take into creating memorable projects/events for the kids. This event was a celebration of family & ancestors & what we can learn from them. So cute!

Here is Lindsey with her teacher & some of her favorite friends.

Just a random picture of Allie :)

Just when we are tempted to "give away" a toy (in this case this play kitchen which has been loved & played with since Loren was 4!) it is brought back to life in full force! Allison can't get enough of it. She "organizes" play food & loves showing each of us that she can say what she is holding--bread, juice, turkey, eggs. She is loving to tell us every word she knows! One of the cute things she says is "Oh Man!" from Swiper the Fox (Dora) & when someone in the family is tickling her or chasing her & say's, "Silly Allie", she'll say, "Silly Lo Lo" (Loren) or "Silly Daddy" or "Silly Mommy" in her cute little voice. :) She is a talker & is such a joy!

Jake is computer man! He clicks & clicks without care of the consequences. But, he is also really good at maneuvering the mouse to play his new games. He loves to sneak and play a computer game (Christmas present & new form of contention in our house!). We've discovered the BIG need to set time limits. BJ say's Jake has discovered things he's never seen before (because he clicks lot's of things that weren't intended to be clicked) He's 4! What is this kid going to be like as a teen! I didn't have a computer in the house until I was in high school I think! I remember typing out my papers & using lot's of white out and I'm not that old!

Lindsey posing at the end of the mini meet...every gymnast got a medal :)

Lindsey is front & center. So flexible. We don't know where this came from! They'll hold splits positions & Lindsey will be giggling. BJ & I just cringe as we watch her sometimes. A good way to get laughs from her teammates & coaches is when she sits on the floor with legs straight & together in front then she reaches & picks up her feet with her thighs still laying flat on the floor. What's that all about?! :)

In the splits & stretching out the neck. She's in the front with head all the way back.

Linds on the beam. This is the event that scares me to death! Well, Lindsey did great. She performed in front of about 200 people. It was really low-key & fun. Lindsey can't get enough of gymnastics & it's been fun to see her develop great self-confidence. She loves to condition & tells us that she has to work hard to get better..."maybe I'll be on t.v. someday Mom & get a medal". That library movie of "The Greatest America Gymnasts" was watched MANY times. Oh boy...
I'm so excited to discover that I can upload videos! So here is Lindsey on her bar, floor & beam routine at the Mini Meet. She is 6! We are proud of her & her hard work. It sure is fun to watch! I've seen these routines done MANY times in practice & perhaps a little smoother but what I LOVE is for example on the beam--Lindsay loses balance & hops right back on to do the move again & get it right! She could have skipped it & continued but she was determined to get it & do it! I love that. Enjoy!


heidikins said...

What fantastic pictures! Reminds me of my gymnastics days, ya know, back when I could do the splits. :o)

Go Lindsey!

Michelle A. said...

I just loved how big gymnastics was down in the LA area, my girls still talk about their gymnastic coach and how much fun it was. It's hard to find one close here, but Veronika is taking one at her school. Lindsay looks so awesome on that high beam - yeah for her! Cute photos!

Melissa said...

I loved seeing the videos! And Ali is such a cutie! I can't believe how big she is getting!

Miss Erika said...

very cute videos. I loved watching them. Your kids are so cute, bummer you live so far away!

Lindsay said...

So fun!! Love when you post!! Keep it coming!! Aly is getting so big!! :)

Brandon & Sara said...

You've got a little gymnast on your hands! Lindsay is so cute and very talented. So fun to see pictures!

Jen said...

Wow! This is so great to be able to watch the video of her performing! Lindsay is very flexible! What a cute and determined, and still a sweet little girl and athlete!

Angel said...

Thanks for posting the videos of Lindsay doing her stuff. I have been dying to see her in action. I sat down with Megan, and showed her the videos. She was in awe. She has only gone to three gymnastic lessons, and I she became jealous of Lindsay and her abilities. She wants to be like her. :)

Whit said...

What a gymnist! Brings back good memories! I am getting that flexible again! LOL! Well, I can at least touch my toes! Getting my nose close to my knees!

Kristen said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about your little gymnast, very impressive! So, Mique helped me set up my blog today! I have an old email for you for some reason, but email me and I'll send you a link if you want! hanamaikai@aol.com You're on my little buddy list, hope that's ok! Keep up the cute blogging, I've got to learn from you old pros!

Christensen Family said...

Wow! Lindsey has really been working hard! She was amazing, and so determined to get back on the beam, your videos were great. How fun!