I've been tagged...again!

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10 years ago...
I was in pre-nursing courses at BYU Provo & engaged to BJ. They were hard classes! Try Patho physiology & Microbiology while being engaged! We were married in April, the day after my last final. Oh yeah, my last final was at done at something like 7pm the night before my wedding!

5 things on my "to do"list today
Well, first of the all the day is over but what I had was...
1) Get through the piles on my dresser to finally dust under it (did it)
2) Get my bathroom & the kids bathroom cleaned (did it)
3) Do Jake's preschool book with him (his reading book--he's getting good!--we did it)
4) Finish my "homework"--I read a book on Asthma to get my CE (continuing education) credits done to renew my nursing license. Finally finished this & mailed it in! It's only taken me a year I think. I read half of it this last week!
5) Help the girls with piano...make practicing happen for two days in a row! (Yes!)

We are busy...had more than 5 things on the "to do" list!

Snacks I enjoy
I love chocolate chip granola bars (why do I buy these!). I love graham crackers, open faced toasted PPJ's, apples, slices of chedar cheese, bagels with cream cheese...I could go on :)

What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire
Pay off our house, invest a bunch of it, put a bunch of it into savings...go to Europe with BJ or maybe Tahiti :)

3 bad habits
1)When we make chocolate chip cookies I can't just eat one or two...
2) Piles...too many piles
3) Stay up too late & pay for it in the morning (When do kids decide to sleep in past 6am?)

5 places I've lived
1) Alpine & Provo, UT
2)Santa Clarita, CA
3)Chiba, Japan (only for 6 weeks as an exchange student summer before my Junior yr of highschool).
4) Oahu, HI (went to BYU Hawaii my freshman yr of college and met BJ there)
5) Draper, UT

5 jobs I've had
1)Drive-through at McDonalds (my 1st job...wow)
2)Secretary for a Family Practice office (when I was in pre-nursing at BYU)
3) Pineapple Delights girl at the Night Show at the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) in Hawaii
4) Telemarketer (Pathetic high school job...that payed better than McDonalds--I was one of those voices pleading to give a survey!
5) Mother-Baby nurse & Piano teacher

5 things people don't know about me
1) I have very bad toe nails....VERY bad & I can push my lips under (and they'll stay). BJ HATES when I do this! (Picture Jim Carrey, anyone remember that movie?) Yes, teeth. Frightning!
2) I went sky-diving in Hawaii. Loved it! Never will do it again but loved it.
3) Ran track, cross-country & played on the high school basketball team. My relay team won 1st at State one year...I ran the 200 meters in that relay team. Good times.
4) I've river rafted down the Grand Canyon with my Dad & brothers & a bunch of other guys when I was in highschool. The only girl in the group. Can you tell I like thrills?
5) I once took a dare to eat pasta for an hour by my cousin (Erika & Heidi, you know who dared me to do this!) The dare was for $100...and he never paid up! I think I was dating BJ at the time. He found out early on he was with a girl that could eat. Boy was I sick! I still love pasta if you can believe it!
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Whit said...

It is so fun to read about you! Some of them bring back good memories for me too! Love ya!

Michelle said...

Who knew? It was so fun to read about things I never knew about you! Mmmmm, I could challenge you to a cookie eating contest! :) Love your blog!

Miss Erika said...

I totally remember that. We were actually talking about that not to long ago. I emailed him the link, I am sure he'll get a kick out of it. He maybe seems to think that you forgot :o)

Kari said...

So cute, Megan1 Your blog is awesome. I love the wedding pictures! You look exactly the same, wow! Well, I think we'll try to make a trip to Utah in July. Want to coordinate times and go too :) Talk to you soon!