End of summer play & school begins!

We've had a jam packed end of July-August! We had the cousins to our house as soon as we were back from Utah. So we introduced them to the Kidspace Discovery Museum! Here is Lindsey & Ally climbing up the "ant hole".
Spider web climbing

Jake LOVES this place!

All the gang climbing the "roots" . This place is in Pasadena. It is a hit. My kids love love love it

This beach made our top of the list for S. California beaches. To be able to park right up to beach, swing & slide & climb & then walk a little further to the water. Perfect! Santa Monica, off of Wilshire & California St. I believe. A must!
Having a blast jumping the waves!

Silly poses

Allison's favorite thing in the world! Swinging! Besides tuna of course.
Such a fun beach! We'll be back soon!

Our last get away before school started was to the Santa Barbara Zoo with our good friends, Pam, Eden & Reece. It was beautfiul there & so fun.
As you can see, Lindsey & Eden are such good buddies. They had a ball walking in hand around the zoo together.

To say Allie loved the zoo would be such an understatement! She LOVED naming off all the animals she saw for days after!

Giraffe zone
First day of school, August 13th. The shortest summer ever! Loren is in 4th, Lindsey, 2nd & Jake in kindergarten. Growing up so fast!

Big kindergartner! Jake was counting down the days/months to school starting since April.! He has been SO ready to go to school. Only probem: he has to wait until 11am to go everyday. Dying! He started playing the piano like his big sisters & that has really helped him to have something else to do while he's waiting. Some Mom's are just sad when their little ones go to kindergarten but I'm the opposite. I'm so excited for them! Mine have all been so ready & so excited to go to school.

A few days after school started we took a day off to drive up to San Francisco for a wedding! BJ's sister Paige & Andrew were married Augst 16th.

Loren, Lindsey & cousin Ally were flower girls & very proud.

It was freezing!

It was a party weekend! The wedding was beautiful & the kids danced till they dropped. The band LOVED Allison's moves!
We're all in the routine of school, drop offs & pickups, homework, activities, errands....a very familiar list to many of you! Hope you are all wonderful. We love you all!


Annie said...

What a fun summer! Even I'M bummed that school has started up again!
And I'm with Jake. I LOVED Kidspace when I was a kid!

Angel said...

Man, I wish I could have joined you at the zoo, if only we hadn't of had that conflict...

It sounds like you had a great summer -- good luck with school!!!

Krista said...

Such cute pictures. Hope you are surviving the "back to school" schedules, etc.! We need to chat soon!

Marnie said...

Glad you guys had such a fun summer. We sure miss the beach. It was great having BJ here, Steve was disappointed that he had to work late, BJ was probably really bored. We need to make it down there to see you guys again soon...

Rachel said...

I love the pics!! Schools back in and I LOVE it! I do like lazy summers, but I thrive on routine!

Cute little family...

Emily and Jake Shoff said...


Hey girl!

I just found you through Rachel's family list. Looks like you guys have been havin a ball this summer! It was so good to see you at the bbq. Your definately one of the best cousins! :) And don't worry, I won't mistake your age again.....ever.....I promise! Haha.
Love ya!

Emily Shoff

Becca said...

What a fun post. It's good to see what you've been up to! Your family is beautiful!

Whit said...

You guys are the cutest family! I just love you!

Laura said...

Oh...to live so close to a beach. I'm jealous. It's fun to see your kids grow up...even though you live so far away.