Let's catch up...and WE'RE GOING TO STATE!!

Time to catch up & finally post about some things we've been up to! We've already had our ward Halloween party. Our kids scored at the Trunk or Treat. Hopefully Halloween night can be a little easier & SHORTER this year! Loren is a "Pirate Cutie" this year & loves to pose for us.
Jake couldn't decide, but then an hour before the party announced he was going to be a cowboy!

Allison is a "fairy princess". Wonderful to bring out those bags of dress ups & be set for the next few years! She's catching on REAL fast what Halloween is all about: chocolate!

Lindsey is a Jeannie. We finally had the perfect opportunity to use a birthday present from last year...her curly, braided hair extension. She was in heaven!

Had to throw this one in. This is one of Allison's favorite faces. She say's, "Look at my scary face! Ahhhhhhh!" Cracks us up! At the party she twirled & danced for everyone at the cosume parade. She's not afraid to perform. So cute.

All dressed up & HAPPY.

Few weeks ago Allie was on the kitchen table & rolled over thinking there was more of it and crashed to the floor on her face. This is a picture taken 3 days later. It was black & blue & swollen before. We weren't sure if she would lose a front baby tooth, which was bleeding & the gums all swollen & bruised. So far so good. All healed & still trying to get up on everything!

Nice cheeser Jake!

Thank you Chuck E Cheese!

We did have a fall break since I blogged last. We stayed local this year, no big trips. It was nice. A great highlight was taking the kids to the beach, just Mom's & kids. It's always a hit.

Big news...Lindsey qualified at an earlier "Prelim" meet for "Sectionals" in gymnastics. I never put on pics from prelim but this past weekend at Sectionals she qualified for State!!!! Yay! She has been working so hard. I attached video of her four events below. It was pretty nail biting exciting! Emotions were high for all the gymnasts. The pressure was on. We were more stressed & nervous than she was probably but it was a lot for her too. She got a personal best score on 3 of the 4 events. You need a 33.0 or higher to qualify for State. She got an 8.15 on floor, then an 8.7 on vault, then a 7.85 on bars (later that night Lindsey told us for the 1st time, getting teary, that she hadn't been using grips on the bar in practice but thought she had to at the meet...but they were too big! She had a hard time holding on to the bar! Wrong time to be using something you're not used too. We'll know better for State). Last event was the beam. Adding up her scores we knew she had to get an 8.3 or higher on the beam to qualify. She got an 8.3. We were screaming! She ended up getting a 6th place medal for her beam score. She was competing against other 6-7 yr olds. She is one determined & focused 7 yr old. State will be in Bakersfield the weekend before Thanksgiving. The next day, Sunday, was our primary program which for the first time I had the opportunity to write :) It was a BIG project. The kids did amazing. I probably teared up 3 or 4 times! Loren & I accompanied "I Love to See the Temple" with a duet. She was a brave girl! Pretty exciting weekend! Phew! :) Take care!
Lindsey and her buddy Carolina from team.






Angel said...

I am so amazed by Lindsay's abilities in gymnastics. She is so awesome! I can't wait to show Megan the videos (she is sleeping right now). WOW!

Melissa said...

That is so great Lindsay gets to go to state! How exciting for you guys!

Grayson Family said...

Give our congratulations to Lindsay. What a great thing.

I have to say your kids look good in their halloween costumes. And Allie - very scary face!

Annie said...

Woo Hoo! I felt like I was watching the Olympics!!! Plus, I just noticed how much older Jake's looking. (Not old man, old. Just less baby face, old.) Your kiddos are such cuties! The Primary Program was amazing, btw. Excellent job! (Bet you're glad it's over, too!)

Kids in the Kong said...

Good Luck at State! Lindsey is a great little gymnast with amazing form.

Whit said...

That is sooo stickin' cute! I love Halloween! And Lyndsee did so awesome! You will have to keep us posted how things go!

Grandma Hunter said...

Thanks for posting the gymnastics. So cute. She has really improved since I saw her first meet. Adorable!

Tara said...

Lindsey is so awesome! I'm really glad that you posted the videos. It was hard to picture how much she had improved until I saw it for myself. Wow! You must be so proud. Thanks for sharing your darling life and family with me! Love ya!

Brandon & Sara said...

Way to go Lindsey!!! She is quite the little gymnast! Love the kids costumes! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Alexis Mayo said...

Thanks for the gymnastic stuff- i'm signing my daughter up in Feb. when she turns 3. She loves watching it on TV and showing us her "moves" around the house!
Good to see what i've got in store for the future!

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

Megan - wow! Lindsay is a killer on that floor! So amazing! One thing I loved about the area you live in was the quantity of good gymnastic centers! So fun! Thanks for sharing this and great costumes!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey has such a great presence and style. She is very crisp and poised, with amazing form at her young age. She's a natural!

Ari said...

That is so exciting...way to Lindsey!! She is such a pretty and talented little girl.. Conrats!

Ari said...

Oops...a little to fast typing and didn't realize my mistakes.

Poopsy Doopsy said...

Your kids are so dang darling! How are you surviving the Prop. 8 stuff? Things haven't been too bad. I hope it will calm down soon!!! We still need to get together...we keep saying that and we never do. What are we going to do about that?

CaLM RAPIDS said...

Fun to catch up with your family's activities! Fun stuff! Looking at your zoo pictures reminded me of the first time we took Benj to the zoo when he was 2 or 3. He did NOT want to go and had great anxiety the whole way there. After the first couple of cages he was OK and admitted that he thought the animals were roaming free and we would be in danger. Poor kid was terrified and couldn't believe we were going to such a place!