I have a good excuse!

So it's been FOREVER since I have blogged but I have a really good excuse. Jan. 16th I had surgery on my wrist. I've had a nice bump there for years and finally had it looked at. When the Dr. couldn't find any fluid to remove, and realized it was tissue he said it had to come out..."lumps and bumps belong in the bottle, not the body", he said. So, something that really never bothered me now really was going to! I had a quick outpatient surgery which I cannot remember. I remember asking the anesthesiologist that I wouldn't mind watching the procedure...he just laughed and that was the last thing I remember until they woke me back up! Life was very different one handed for two-three weeks. I was very sore! The Dr. had to cut into my thumb tendon and move a nerve out of the way to get to the lump (which the biopsy came back as fine...scar tissue of some sort), so my thumb to my wrist has been numb for over a month and barely this week I've been able to attempt the piano. It really has only been the past two weeks that I could actually type and put my hair in a pony tail! With that said, I have a picture or two in a sling I'll post. But, since I could now do things with both hands I decided to get crafty and make some pillows! It really is fun to create something. I found some fabric to brighten up my family room and recovered two pillows and made a throw pillow...then had a little extra to make a square for my kitchen table! Anyone who knows me knows that sewing is only something I've attempted in the past few years...still trying to figure it out most of the time! A proud moment and I'm so glad to have two hands again!

So, since it's been so long I'll just post some highlights since Christmas. Jake's favorite present was his own basketball and shoes. He LOVES basketball.

Loren loves fashion. She was thrilled to have some "skinny" jeans from Grandma and some new shirts and leggings from a store we can only afford when it's 50% off!

We had some homemade presents from the kids this year. Jake made an Indian boy for Daddy.

Lindsey made a family picture for me...and you can see her favorite present in her hand. Handball is her FAVORITE thing to do on any wall in the house! Ah Christmas morning robe and hair!

Allison's favorite was a Dora doll and a "princess" nightgown. Very easy to please!

Right after Christmas Grandma H., Aunt Shelley and the cousins came down to visit. Of course we had to make cookies! I think Allie loves chocolate cookies as much as her Mom.

Here is Jake in action!

Cousin Matthew and Michael and Jake. They really are best friends!

Funny story--the night before my surgery I was chatting on Facebook to my brother Aaron teasing him that it had been 80 degrees this past week and that he should come visit. He and Amy couldn't stand it and rearranged everything to come to the sun and visit us. They arrived the next evening. It was SO fun to have them. I love how spontaneous they are! We can't wait for them to come back!

We all went to the Getty's Villa together and on the way found an injured butterly that let us get up close.

Here is a pic of the sling. Nice. Couldn't get the arm wet for a week! That was interesting!

The Getty's Villa was cool. They had a kids room where the kids could dress up and pretend they were part of a vase design. Here is Lindsey.


Jake of course!

and little Allison!

The kids could make paint on their own designs on vases throughout the room.

A beautiful place...just a few too many "bare" artwork & statues for kids under 9 to see! We didn't stay very long!

We made it out to the beach too of course. Lindsey found a way to do the splits.

always beautiful, always fun.

This was taken the weekend after my surgery. Loren has been playing on a city league basketball team and BJ is the coach. She has been having great time. She is awesome at defense and is so fast!

Here is Loren and some of the players on her team.

Jake has been playing in a basketball class as well and he's been heaven. It just ended a few weeks ago. His shot is "money".

I have a feeling that we'll be watching basketball for a while! Very fun!

Just a few weekends ago we drove up to N. California to attend BJ's 15th reunion (actually 16th) in Livermore. It really was a fun night catching up with old friends. So many of BJ's closest friends were there. I really loved meeting everyone. I think we shocked them all with how may kids we have. Many were single, engaged, just married or had one maybe two kids max. Here are a few pictures of people there. Thanks to Grandma H. and the cousins for watching the kids for us!


Angel said...

Congrats on getting back on the blogging bandwagon! I absolutely love the pillows -- you did a great job.

heidikins said...

Cute kids!! VERY cute kids!

I'm sorry to hear about your surgery, but glad that things are getting back to normal (see: cute throw pillows!)


Laura said...

Just reading your blog Megan made me really miss the old playgroup days. I can't believe how grown up everyone is now! Such beautiful children!

Happy to hear your wrist is better.

Allison said...

It's great to know I'm not the only one with an excuse to not be in the blogging world lately. Love your crafty pillows. It makes me want to make something new too (but I probably won't get around to it!)

Bananie said...

Love those happy pillows! (Glad your wrist is letting you back into action again. That'll give ya' the crafty bug for sure!)
What's with all these young girls & their love for skinny jeans? I'm excited when I get a good pair of fat jeans.
I'm glad you got to go to the Getty Villa. I LOVE it there, but I forgot about the naked statues. That could be pretty icky for the kiddos.

Melissa said...

The pillows are so cute! And I can't imagine three weeks without your arm! I just injured my thumb (last year) and couldn't use that for a long time. A whole arm would be really hard!

Travers Tribe said...

Cute fabric.
The reunion looked fun. I didn't even recognize Amie P. I had to look at her name tag. We'll have to chat and you can give me the update on everyone.

Emily and Jake Shoff said...

Glad to see you! It's been a while! But it doesn't look like you were sitting in front of the t.v.! Gracious girl you are always on the go! Sorry about your hand.. but it looks like it's on the mend! Hope to see you soon! Loves~

Tamar and Trevor said...

VERY cute fabric. I have the crafting bug lately but my sewing maching in on the fritz so it leads to more frustration that it is worth. Glad you are doing better, I love seeing pics of your beautiful kids...keep them coming!

Lindsay said...

Oh how we miss you guys!!! So good to come and be able to catch up! XOXO

Rachel said...

I loved looking at all your pictures! You have a beautiful family...the beach looked heavenly!! We have a fresh layer of snow this morning :( It is beautiful, but COLD!

Miss you!

CaLM RAPIDS said...

Sorry about your surgery. I hope all the healing is going well! It's fun to catch up with your family--so cute! You're a good mom!