Check out our new website business!!

We finally have launched our new website business: http://www.myplace2sell.com/. Go check it out and post something you want/need to sell or get free advertising for! This can be anything...your home, car, clothing, shoes, home decor, appliances or your homemade product, service, or business. We have been working on this forever it seems and it has finally reached launched status! Yeah! We have many more features that are coming to the site as well! This is a video classifieds site where sellers can either list items they have for sale with pictures, or take it a step further and use video as well. It is so much more interesting to see how a product looks from all angles, or the sounds or functions it has. It is also much more captivivating to see a video of someone describing their resume, or taking someone on a tour of your home, rental, service, business, etc. from the comfort of their own computer! If you are overwhelmed at the video option just take some pictures. For examples of what others are doing visit our site!

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