We had a wonderful trip to Hawaii! It was just a little too short! We flew out Tues, Oct.30 and returned Tues, Nov. 6. Not enough time but so worth it! My entire family was there together. I am the oldest of 5 siblings and we were all able to come out with our spouses & families. My parents currently live in Laie (a few minutes from BYU Hawaii) on "The Point". My Dad has been building a twin house that they own one side of. It was beautiful and so spacious! This picture of BJ & I is on their backyard patio overlooking the ocean. I know! Gorgeous! It was actually a pretty rainy week! But we didn't care really...there was sun when we needed it and the best part of the whole trip was spending time with everyone & being there for my sisters baby!
The day after we got there was Halloween! My Dad (Elvis) is in the middle! My sister in law, Amara, is on the right holding cousin Aiden (17 months or so). We got to go trick or treating for about 30-45 min before an amazing down pour of rain! We luckily had one umbrella to squeeze under while my brother ran to get the car! We were soaked! But we still had fun!

Here is Lindsey & cousin Aiden chillin' at the beach!

This was hilarious! We went to "Bathtub Beach" where there is a nice waveless area--which the kids loved--and put Allie on a board. She didn't move a muscle! She didn't cry either! She is another little dare devil like Lindsey and can balance better than any of our kids when they were her age. She didn't know what to do or whether she liked it or not...but...

we couldn't stop laughing when we saw her big toes gripping!

All the kids on my parents back patio overlooking the ocean! So beautiful!

Our family...on our last night.

We actually managed to get a Doxey family picture with everyone! We wanted to wait until the newest member of the family would be born--little Ellie. My sister Natalie delived Sunday, Nov. 4th and came home the next night so we could all be together on the last night before we were heading home....and hopefully get in that family shot!!! We did! Doesn't she look amazing for having a baby the day before?! Being there for her baby was the highlight of the trip for me. We were all there at the hospital welcoming baby Ellie into the world! In the picture, from left to right is my sister Natalie holding Ellie and her husband Michael is behind her, then my sister Jessica (holding Jake) with her husband Tim behind her, then me & Allie with BJ behind, my Mom (with Lindsey in front) with my Dad behind her, my sister in law Amy (with Loren standing in front) and my brother Aaron behind, and my sister in law Amara (holding Aiden) with my brother Connor behind. Our family is growing!! The greatest blessing in my life is family. I love them all so much. What a blessing it was to be all together for Ellie's birth and to be in Hawaii!!!!

Look at this little peanut! I just had to get this picture of Allison from behind! So cute. It took her a little bit to get used to the feeling of sand on her feet. She wouldn't even put her feet down at first. It wasn't long before she didn't want to be anywhere BUT in the sand and jumping the waves!

Grandpa Doxey & Allison. I have the best parents! They love every minute and enjoy every discovery with my kids. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and in the life of my kids. Our last day my parents volunteered to watch the kids for the day and let BJ & I take some time. It was so wondeful! We went down to campus & strolled around the bookstore (BJ & I met at BYU Hawaii) and then went to Pipeline & Waimea Beaches (where we happened to find my sister Jess & Tim as well) and just watched the waves and relaxed! That was vacation!

Here is my sister Natalie, her husband Michael & little Ellie. Such a cute little family! Good job guys!!! :)
Me & Allie playing around! Look at that sunset!

Oh Lindsey! :) We have no clue where this flexiblity came from!
Well, this is only a snapshot of our trip but it was SO great...except the the airport & plane rides! Oh it is hard to travel with little ones! Jake had a melt-down at the airport & Allie didn't like having to stay on my lap for 5 hours! Whoever sat behind and in front of me I'm afraid didn't have a very relaxing flight! I ended up standing in the aisle several times bracing the bumps and trying to rock her to sleep. I'm sure I was a sight! :) After getting back to our car and then finding the rush hour afternoon traffic on the freeway I looked to BJ, who was as exhausted as I was and said..."It was worth it". And it was! We were quickly thrown back into routine & I am happy to say the laundry is actually done....phew! Fun times!! :)


heidikins said...

Amazing pics, your family is getting so big! Both in numbers and goodness how the kiddos grow up! Glad you had such a great time!


Christensen Family said...

Sounds like a great trip. How lucky to have grandma and grandpa in such a fun place to visit!

Angel said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic time! Welcome back (although I bet yo didn't really want to come!).

Miss Erika said...

Those pictures are so cute. I am so jealous that you had such a great time. One day Scott and I will go and visit your parents, and it will be great, and I'll send you pictures :o)

Brandon & Sara said...

Such cute pictures and such beautiful kids you have!!! I can not believe how big they are! They sure are growing up so fast. I am glad you were able to have your whole family together in Hawaii! And to be their for Natalie. Ellie is adorable! So fun to see what's going on with you guys! Luv ya.

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip. I'm so jealous. I wish I could talk my parents into moving somewhere exotic! I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Very fun!

Lindsay said...

I guess you had a pretty good reason for not posting for awhile! :) Sounds like you had so much fun!! I am so glad to hear/see!! Keep the posts coming- I miss you and your family- I don't want to miss out on anything!!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you guys got to have such a fun time! It's amazing everybody was looking at the camera in your family picture (or did you do some Photoshop magic? :) We miss you guys!

Trevor and Tamar said...

I am so glad that you have a blog. They really are addicting.
Your family is beautiful and I am so excited to be able to keep better track of you. Our blog address is www.philadelphiagriffitts.blogspot.com Love ya!!!

bart & monica said...
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bart & monica said...

Let us know when your parents' house is for sale.

Kents said...

My name is Kirsten Kent. My blog is kkjjkent@blogspot.com My husband and I met your husband at an LDS entrepreneur seminar a few weeks back. It is great reading your blog. It's fun to find people you feel you have things in common with even though we don't live close.
I have a question. Some friends of ours are moving from Boise to Canyon Country. I need to get their actual address, but I wondered if you knew which ward or stake they would be in. If I remember, you guys live in Santa Clarita, right? Rance is the husband. He just got a job at JPL and is staying with us until he moves his family down Thanksgiving weekend.

Hawaii looks GREAT! You have a CUTE family.

Kirsten Kent

Michelle A. said...

What a fun time! Vacations can be way too short can't they! The photos look really fun and I love the one with your kids facing the ocean in black and white! Hope you're getting back to normal life!

Whit said...

Those pics are so fun! I am so jealous! I miss it there! You have such a beautiful family! That is awesome you were all able to be in the pic! When does that ever happen? We can never get all of us together at one time! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Megan, your pictures are fantastic! Fun to see the kids, and Hawaii! We would like to visit Mark and Debbie again and see the new house. It really is beautiful there! How are your "dead guys" coming? Dad's book is at the printer's!! Whew!
Love you, Sharlee

HappyMama said...

Yay for blogs! I am so glad we can keep in touch this way. It was so fun to see you on Thursday! What a great Thanksgiving surprise. I am so glad you had such a great trip to Hawaii...what a beautiful family!

Paige said...

It was so fun to see your blog. I like this blog world. It allows me to see what everyone is up to. Seeing your girls do gymnastics makes me want to sign Payton up. The gym in Yucaipa is retarded, eek! I think there is one in San Bernardino though. Chat with you later.
Love, Paige