Thanksgiving Memories

What a way to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday! Jake's preschool performance was the cutest. It was about 5 -7 minutes long with a "Thanksgiving Feast" afterwards. Jake just beamed and was thrilled to sing for his Mom. He is such a sweet boy. He just LOVES going to preschool! He's cheesing with Riley & Ed--two of his best buddies!

Ever since BJ called up my Grandma V. (let's see...probably in 2002-03) to plan a "family night" video taping her teaching me how to make her famous Banana Cream Pies I have made them ever since! My Grandma made these for BJ's birthday & holidays & now I'm the woman in his life making his cream pies. I have to admit I crave and love them just as much as he does. But it IS an act of love. It is a process...a long process but the end result is worth it. I really have loved learning to make homemade pies. Everytime I do it, I get a little better at it and I think of my Grandma. In fact, while I was making them this time around I called my Grandma & she had just finished making 4 pies herself! A great tradition that has passed down. I'd post the recipe but you really have to watch & learn so if any of you are interrested I'd be happy to share! :) But you've got to come over. These pies are HUGE...made in 10 inch pans. I made banana cream and chocolate cream (both Grandma's recipes) the day before Thanksgiving. It wasn't too bad transporting them up to N. California! YUMMY!

Pretty isn't it? :)

We arrived at 2 AM Thanksgiving morning to the Bay area (Way too late! But couldn't be helped!) and after recovering a bit we headed over to BJ's sister Shelley's home for the festivities. Here are some of the family that were there: BJ's brother Daren & his wife Veronica are on the left with their newest addition, Joseph, in BJ's sister Shannon's arms on the far right, and BJ's sister Shelley in the center with her two boys, Matthew & Michael. It was a TASTY Thanksgiving as always & more great family memories complete with lot's of laughs & ping pong tournaments---Bj & I won the couple play-offs--best out of 5 (because of BJ of course!). We are all such competitors! :)

Let's get a closer look at that baby! Sweet Joseph is only 7 weeks...he slept through most of Thanksgiving I think! Shannon has been the designer & painter of the show "Fresh Coat" on the DIY network (redoing a room using only paint). She just launched a book describing some of her simple tips using examples from episodes on her show. You can check out her book here. BJ's other sister Shelley just "ghost" wrote a book that is selling on Amazon called "The Million Dollar Idea in Everyone". You can see her book here. Yeah, my sister in laws are authors, on t.v., you name it! So proud of them all. The are all SO talented.

Our silly boys! Cousin Michael, cousin Matthew, Jake & cousin Adam, Thanksgiving Day. BJ's sister Shelley's backyard is always a hit, especially with the tramp & bike ramps. Each visit these cousins get bigger & become better buddies. Cousins are the greatest!

Lindsey, Loren & cousin Ally. These girls were inseparable! They had their first ever sleepover at cousin Ally's house--without Mom & Dad staying too! We stayed at Grandma's. They had a blast of course!
I'm not sure how many times Loren & Ally got Lindsey all done up to get "married " to cousin Matthew (which was several times over the 2 days) and happens every time we visit. So cute! You can't see it very well here but the girls were loving the blue eye shadow! :)

Our last stop was at BJ's Dad's home in Tracy. Allison went to Grandpa with BIG smiles...a big deal! She is VERY attached to her Mommy! We spent the afternoon there and had a great time as always! There is lot's of fun at Grandpa's house: animals to see (but not touch--oh the allergies! Thank goodness for Benadryl!), TONS of toys, bikes, snacks, and visits to the "music room" & "hobby room". Jake wants a guitar for Christmas now --Thank you to Grandpa & Tammy :). Grandpa was in a vocal band in highschool...he is AMAZING!

All the gang at Grandpa's house! Grandpa & Tammy are holding our kids and then their children are to the right: Catherine, Rachel, Allan & David. Such cute kids!!

Then we headed back home! Probably the fastest drive home in the history of drives home from N. Cali. We opted to drive home Sat. instead of facing the traffic Sunday...which we have been stuck in before! It's not fun being in a "parking lot" on the 5 South and adding 2-3 hours to the normal 4-5 hour drive! We made it home in 4hours! So great. It was another wonderful Thanksgiving to share with our family & friends (we ran into BJ's best buddy from highschool & his wife at a random ward "Turkey Bowl" and got to catch up with eachother--better send me that picture Michelle! ) :)

I just love Thanksgiving time and the opportunity that it gives me to reflect on all I'm thankful for. I have been blessed with so much. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the direction & peace it gives me. I am grateful for my husband & children, who bring such joy to my life, and I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful family members & friends to share life with. I love them all!

I should have blogged about this days ago but I swear that ever since we got back our lives got MUCH busier and hectic and stressful! Oh, I should have gotten more done in November! Lot's going on, lot's to do, projects to start, Christmas errands & preparations...I'm sure you are all in the same boat..but probably much more ahead of it all than I am! I love this time of year though!! I just need it to slow down a bit so I can get everything done! Well, hope you all are wonderful! Christmas season...here we come! :)


Michelle A. said...

Oh, I hate CA traffic - it seems to be on every freeway! The family fun looks great, so much activity - those pies are amazing looking and the way you did the tops are brilliant! So glad you are safe and sound back at home :) Happy late thanksgiving!

Whit said...

Yes, I want to learn how to make your pies! When I come to visit (lol) we will make pies! Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Did you see we were in Cali? I wish we would have had time to come visit you! One of these days...

heidikins said...

Mmmmm, pies! I'm so glad you guys had a great time in the Bay Area! Happy (slightly belated) Thanksgiving!


Lindsay said...

LOVE the post Megan!! THose pies look SOOO yummy!! I am craving one now! Isn't this going to be so fun to have this journal about your family's "doing"! It will be so fun for each of your kids to look back at through the years!! Can't wait for the next post!!

Trevor and Tamar said...

you have to send me that recipe. I love pie, but I have yet to conquer the cream pie variety. IT looks like you had a great holiday and I can relate on wishing I had done more in November. I will post on my blog soon...hopefully tonight after the kiddies are in bed.

Amy & Aaron said...

Adorable pictures Megan! That'll be fun if you're there for the blessing. December 30 is our anniversary so we decided to stick to our original plans since we get to see little Ellie and her belly grow bigger every day! I hope everything is great in California. We need some Christmas ideas for you & BJ!

Laura said...

The pies look great. Reminded me of the movie "Waitress". (Kind of different movie...not really sure I recommend it.) Next time you're in town you'll have to teach us how to make them.

The family time looks fun. Glad you had a great T-day.

Miss Erika said...

I want to learn how to make G-ma V's pies!!! Those look beautiful!

Anonymous said...


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