Summer Catch Up

What can I say? I try to do it all but with 4 kids and all we have had going on something had to take the back burner...and it seems to always be the blog. So, this fine Sunday, I've FINALLY downloaded pictures to the computer and hid away upstairs...later to find Lindsey had used her creative juices to make us all a treat. Can you guess the surprises? Sprinkes, cinnamon, yogurt, cheerios, choc chips, choc syrup... mmmmm

To back way up to end of May...it has been so long! T-ball for Jake this year was fun for one reason...Travis was on his team. He loves to play but this being his 2nd year of T-ball he was feeling too old. He's ready for the real thing. He's actually just really ready to be on a real basketball team!

Beginning of May we drove out to N. Cali to be at cousin Adam's baptism. We love hanging with our cousins...always quick trips up there but worth it.

I can hardly believe that Allie is 3! May 13th was her big day. She had been talking about her upcoming bday for days and weeks as she saw me, BJ, and then Jake all have bdays with cake and presents. She figured out prety quick what birthdays were all about. She was ready & super excited! She had it all figured out. She wanted pink "pupcakes" with pink frosting and pink icecream. She wanted new dresses so that she could twirl like a princess. She really has brought joy and lot's of giggles to our family. She gives the best snuggles and nose kisses and her giggle is contagious. We love our little Allie.

Lindsey turned 8 yrs old on May 22nd. A birthday she's been looking forward to forever!

Linds is a sweetheart. She's a little mommy. She loves playing and taking care of little babies and toddlers. She can appear timid, but is very confident & strong. She is not afraid to perform & has fun doing it! She created a gymnastics routine to perform in front of the entire school. Showing off "the worm", back hand springs, splits and all. No nerves. She's pretty excited about gymnastics season starting next month.

Linds & best buddies bowling for her bday.

Okay...I was really spoiled! I got to go end of May to Hawaii to be with my Mom and sisters. My Dad was off to UT helping my brother, my Mom needed to stay behind to work... so we planned a girls trip. My sisters, Natalie & Jessica were out for 10 days & I got 4 days. I had a free ticket (all skymiles) and a free place to stay. How could I not do it?! It was beautiful, amazing, relaxing, wonderful... I loved it. I think I still owe BJ more foot & back rubs for all he did while I went away. I have a good man, and some amazing girl friends who helped a ton. Thank you!!! Can you believe this is my parents back patio view? They actually rent out the home to vacationers if any of you are looking for a get away to Hawaii --you'll have to check it out at http://www.forsalebymormon.com/HawaiiOceanVillaRental

Me & my sweet, beautiful sisters, Jess & Nat. Love you guys!

Natalie & her little Ellie. I was so ready for Ellie to get to know her far away Aunt! She called me "Mega". So cute!
Me & my Mom. My Mom spoiled us the whole trip! Thanks for everything Mom, what a wonderful memory that was to be there together. Love you so much!

Another view off the back of the house. Seriously!

Jess & I....chillin. So fun!

So I got back just in time for the last week of school! Here is Jake & Allie right after Jake's kindergarten program.

School is out and guess who flew in for Lindsey's baptism weekend! Gpa and Gma D. in THIS PLANE! I still can't hardly believe that my Dad flies this plane...that he built...when I was in elementary school. It's pretty amazing.

June 13th, family joined us for Lindsey's special day. Here is BJ's sis, Aunt Shannon with Allison.

Lindsey & Dad just before her baptism.

All the family that came to support Linds. BJ's parents, his sisters Shannon & Shelley, along with cousin Ally and my parents. We were really blessed to have so many members of our family there along with several ward friends. Lindsey really had a true desire to be baptized and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She already has a sweet, sincere testimony of the gospel. We are so proud of her & the blessing & joy she is to our family.

So right after baptism weekend we all drove out to UT for a few weeks. My Mom opted to drive with me instead of fly back with Dad! We had so much fun with our family there. A major highlight was to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house--along with going to Tucanos afterward for dinner! Here are the kids with cousin Aiden. Oh Jake.... :)

We got to be there for our family reunion/surprise bday party for my Dad's 60th. That is 60 candles! I had been working on a book for my Dad...for hours and days...another reason why blogging didn't happen! It was really rewarding. I scanned all of these old photos of my Dad in his younger years & of him with all of us over the years & asked his siblings, my cousins, my siblings their spouses to write memories/thoughts of him to include in the book. He loved it. We gave it to him at the reunion...just too bad that it was rainy, windy & FREEZING at the reunion! In JUNE! Still wonderful to see everyone.

I only got a few shots there...here are a few of my cousins, Matt & Luke, asking me whose legs looked better, and tanner! Love my family :)

Only a few cousins & Aunts...by the end of the quick reunion and everyone was almost gone the sun started to come out! Until next time... loved being with everyone.

My Dad, later caught reading the book I made with his magnifying glass! Sorry Dad, some of those fonts were pretty tiny to be able to fit it all in. I cried several times as I compiled the memories and thoughts from my family regarding my Dad. It only reinforced to me that I am not alone in knowing that he has blessed lives through his service & love & is truly amazing. Love you Dad. Happy 60th!

Look out, long boards are now on my kids Christmas list. Thanks to my brothers, my kids had constant entertainment as we were up the canyon celebrating my brother in laws bday. They picked it up fast!

Nice posing Loren!

Ah, Jake is very happy.

Lindsey, focused & learning the ropes fast.

Cute Allie, easy to catch in a pose! I do miss those canyons...

I absolutely loved seeing my kids get to know their little cousins. Lindsey was glued to cousin Ellie & Ellie just loved her back! So sweet. We were able to really spend time with all my siblings & their families this trip, along with lot's of gma and gpa time. It was wonderful.

The kids were great sports, sleeping together & lot's of driving. Lot's of fun memories as always. The kids are better swimmers thanks to lot's of pool time wherever we visited. We were there for 2 weeks with BJ coming out for the reunion weekend in the middle. It was nice to get back to Dad & to our own beds though!

And now we've been back ...beaching it for 4th of July weekend.

Loren turned 10! Early morning present opening. She wanted Scooters Jungle for her birthday party. It was the first summer in years we were home for her birthday. Our little firecracker. Okay, not so little anymore. Can't believe she'll be in 5th grade this year. Loren is really exceling on the piano. She is playing Fur Elise, and beautifully! She's playing basketball right now, and I'm the coach. It's been fun, and busy. Two games and one practice a week during summer ball. Loren is very mature, sweet, organized & a great helper & example to her siblings. We love you Loren!
See, we have been pretty busy! I am so sorry this is huge entry! I'll be better, I PROMISE!


Angel said...

Thanks for your mega post Megan! I am so glad that you were able to get your dad's book done in time. I am sure that he LOVED it. Now that we are both back from our trips we need to get those girls of our together . . . soon!

Melissa said...

Holy cow! You have been super busy! I didn't recognize Lindsey with her permanent teeth! (Julianna is 7 and still hasn't lost a single tooth). And Kate has that same dress! (The one Allie is wearing for her birthday). It was good to get caught up with you guys!

CaLM RAPIDS said...

What great pictures! So fun to catch up with you all! I am so jealous that Hawaii is so easy for you to go to--what a trip!

heidikins said...

There is so much going on here!! Love that you went to Hawaii for a few days--I am so jealous! I also love that your dad still flies that plane, LOVE it. I actually started laughing when I saw that pic.

Goodness, your kids are growing up so fast!

Love you chica!

Bananie said...

What great summer memories with family! That's what makes the best summers!
I still can't get over the fact that your dad built that plane! That's nuts! What an awesome dad! I'm sure that book you made is a treasure indeed!

ohbrooke said...

Phew! What a POST!

Love all the pics... the kids are so cute! We miss you guys!

Mary Ann said...

It was so good to see you for a minute at the Doxey reunion! LOVE the b-day tribute book you put together for my bro. Want to read it sometime. You are an amazing mother and so together! I admire you MEGAN!
Mary Ann

Monica M said...

Hey Megan, what a fun update. Do you guys like where you live? Is it a great place for the kids? Just wondering.

Tamar and Trevor said...

Great post! You have been busy. We will be in California for pretty much the whole month of August. When do your kiddos start school again? We need a beach day...or two. Talk to you soon.

Nikki said...

You're all caught up! Hooray!