Gymnastics Season begins!

Lindsey's gymnastics competitive season has begun. She competed 2 weeks ago in the "Judges Cup" and this past weekend in the "1st Prelim" (a Sectionals qualifying meet). She is doing awesome. I've got to brag for a little bit. On the first meet we were blown away. All of her scores were above 9. She got 2nd place all around with a score of 36.95 (4th on floor and bars, 2nd on beam, 3rd on vault). Her team ended up getting 1st place (they take the top 6 scores from each club) and because Lindsey had the highest score from her team she got to take home the plaque. Well, this past weekend Lindsey got 1st place all around. She got 1st place on beam, vault, floor and 3rd place on bars. Her all around score was 37.35! The highest our gym has had. Pretty cool. She's rockin. This season she confident, polished and just having a lot of fun out there! She got to take home the team trophy (which was almost as tall as her). The team got 2nd place by .5 of a point. I guess Lindsey wasn't satisfied with her gold in competition so yesterday she successfully did a hand stand in the family room, walked on her hands to the steps, walked up the steps on her hands, turned around and walked back down the family room steps into the family room. Seriously Linds?! Well, that's all on the gymnastics front. Here are a few videos of her in action...it's hard to get a good one from the stands! Next up, we had a great piano recital yesterday! All the kids played. Jake was said to have flying fingers and jaws dropped on Loren's performance. I even learned a new song to play ... been a while. :)

Videos: Beam, from Judges Cup, 2nd place. Floor, from 1st Prelim, 1st place.

Bars, from 1st prelim, 3rd place.





heidikins said...

Ohmygoodness, she's a bendy little thing! Love the videos!

Huzzah Lindsey!


Bananie said...

Yowzas! She's flipping all over the place! What neat memories for her! (Sheesh, I was all excited that I could just climb up a rope in my gymnastics class as a kid! Linds takes the CAKE!)

Whit said...

WOW!!! So what is her favorite event?

Jess and Tim Newcomb said...

Oh my goodness Linds!! That is awesome! she is fearless.. always has been i'm not sure why i'm surprised!Good job!

Megan said...

Thanks guys! She is fearless. I think when she was 2 and 3 yrs she'd be caught jumping on barstools, walking on the edges of couches and it probably took all my strength to get her in her carseat in her stubborn toddler moments. So darn strong! Her favorite event used to be vault but I think she's loving all of them about the same right now. Pretty fun!

Angel said...

She is simply amazing. She is going to go far -- you had better watch out!

CaLM RAPIDS said...

Totally super duper awesome! Wow! She's amazing!

Rachel (Rogers) Nannie said...

Good job Lindsey!...wow!

Tara said...

Lindsey You'er a great gymnist you are going to go so far. Great job to sticking to it. Seen you soon.
*Brooke Mehl

Congratulations Lindsey! You look so official! I mean you already look like you are in the olympics. You set a great example of being a hard worker, which is why you have had such success. I'm so happy for you!
Sister Mehl

Nikki said...

YAY LINDSAY!!! One day, I'll be telling people, "She used to swim in my pool before she was a famous gymnast!"