Fall Break in Hawaii!

We were able to go to Hawaii over Fall Break to be with all of my family. My parents live there on Oahu and flew the entire family out. We are so spoiled! They may or may not sell their home in the near future so they wanted to be sure we were all out there together at least one more time. What a wonderful trip it was. I think Loren's highlight was finding some beautiful shells along the beaches and has had fun showing them to her class at school and her friends.
We got to go to Sea life Park with the cousins. This was the first time our kids had seen dolphins up close. They loved the cute seal, penguin and dolphin shows.

Here are all the kids in my parents hot tub off the back of their house. Gorgeous.

Allie and cousin Aiden petting the turtle at Sea Life Park.

This was a blast. We all rented a Paddle Surf board and all took turns paddling out on the ocean. Lindsey, of course was the most daring. :)

Jakes favorite...Turtle Beach. This time we saw lot's of smaller turtles in the water by the rocks and then huge ones that came out onto the beach.

Loren with our beached turtle. Lindsey was actually swimming around when she felt something swim between her legs and it was a turtle! Scared her half to death but became a great story!

You can't see us very well and Loren is missing from this picture but this is out on the Pali lookout (I think that's how it's spelled) where the winds are so strong you literally feel like you could fly away. It's amazing!

Shaved ice, yeah!

Ahhh... me and my sweetie.

My favorite part of this trip was just being able to see my kids interacting and playing with gma and gpa, their aunts and uncles and their cousins. So nice to just be together!

We also got to finally meet our newest cousin, Liam. He was the happiest, mellow baby ever! So adorable...and all my kids loved making him smile.

I loved watching Allie at the beach. She got the courage to go down to the shore and gather water to bring back to her "creations". She loved it and I'm sure went back and forth a hundred times each time we went to the beach. She and cousin Aiden loved this game!

Here is the entire Doxey family, with one on the way... so close Nat! We're standing in front of my parents home in Laie. What a blast. The kids were fabulous on the plane too! It was such a great trip. I loved being with everyone and can't wait to play again. Aloha!


Bananie said...

Oh, I'm just in heaven looking at your vacation pics! I'm so glad you got to go! I selfishly hope your folks stay out there longer so you can have a reason to go out there for these fabulous trips on a regular basis. (I'll live vicariously through you, of course!)

ohbrooke said...

Ally's smiles in those pictures are so funny. It sounds like you guys had a fun time! Bummed we missed you! :(

heidikins said...

What a fantastic trip! It looks like you all had such a great time!


CaLM RAPIDS said...

Girl you so lucky! I go to visit my parents and drive 13 hours to Roswell. Not very tropical! You got it good!

Laura said...

How fun!! You're so fortunate that you go to Hawaii so often! :)

Megan said...
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Whit said...

How fun!!! I knew we were probably pretty close to you in Cali, but I didn't have your phone number and then we got busy! I need to get your number!

Emily and Jake Shoff said...

I'M soooooooooooooooooooo jealous! We are going over in February with Chris and Dianne to Maui! It is my favorite place on earth and I get teary eyed everytime I have to leave. Mahalo for showing the wonderful pics! Looks like you guys had so much fun!